Thursday, August 9, 2012

First of the Year Read Alouds

Yes, I teach 5th grade math and science but that does not mean that I don't LOVE children's books! I actually love to collect new books. I don't have kids at home but I am already working on a child's library :) With the first day of school approaching quickly, I wanted to share two books!

 I am sad that I never get to share this book with my students because they are veteran students by 5th grade but this is a great book for the younger kids. It is a play on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and a great share time to have with students about their feelings on starting school. They can find others in the class to relate to whether they were ready to start the year or not!

This book is great for all elementary grades. Not only does it have BEAUTIFUL pictures, it has a powerful message. A grandfather teaches his grandson about the golden rule. He gives examples of how it can be used in school but also explains how people from every religion can relate to this rule. This book sparks another great discussion you can have with your students about the way they will treat each other during the year.

Any books you would recommend?


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