Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thank You to the Donors!

Do you have a great idea for a classroom project but can't afford to fund it yourself? Or, do you wish to help out a teacher in need? If so, please check out Donors Choose! It is a website where teachers can request help for a classroom project and people can donate money to help make them possible.

I was introduced to this website last summer and decided to put in a request, not really thinking anyone would find it worth it. I have always wanted classroom mailboxes for my students so they could organize their materials and keep their papers private. Not only would this make my life easier, it would also be teaching the students valuable lessons on organizational skills.
I just received an email last week that my project has been fully funded and will be sent to my school soon!! The only thing I have to do is send thank you letters to my donors from my students and myself explaining how the project is being used in the classroom and the impact it is making - piece of cake!!

So before you give up on an idea that seems to far out of reach, check out this website. And there are thousands of teachers in need all across the country if you are on the other end and can send support! I can speak from experience that it has already been a huge encouragement to me to know a stranger realizes the importance of the work I am doing and is willing to help me!
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